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Daniel Defense AR-10 DD5 V4 7,62×51 / 308W


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Daniel Defense AR-10 DD5 V4 7,62×51 / 308W

The DD5 V4, chambered in either 6.5 Creedmoor or 7.62x51mm NATO, provides users of the Daniel Defense semi-automatic platform even greater long-range precision shooting capability. The highly popular 6.5 Creedmoor takes advantage of superior ballistic coefficients to offer both flatter trajectories and reduced wind drift at levels normally reserved for much heavier recoiling long action calibers. These gains in ballistic efficiency help the modern shooter stretch the effective range out to 1,000 meters or more. This highly accurate and durable rifle includes an adjustable gas block that allows for a consistent feel whether shooting suppressed or unsuppressed. The perfected bolt carrier group reduces overall recoil impulse and is easy to maintain and operate in all conditions.

  • User-adjustable gas block for reliable suppressed shooting
  • Superfinished and DLC-coated bolt carrier group makes it easy to clean and operate in all conditions
  • Bolt carrier is equipped with a buffer for optimized cycling and improved recoil impulse
  • Bolt is designed with enhanced extractor geometry and dual ejectors for reliable cycling
  • 18″ Cold Hammer Forged proprietary steel chrome-lined barrel for a lifetime of accuracy and durability
  • Innovative 4-Bolt Connection System to ensure greater accuracy
  • GRIP-N-RIP independently ambi charging handle with anti-gas features for a better shooting experience


  • Mounting System: M-LOK
  • Kaliber: 7,62x51mm / 308W
  • Gängning: 5/8×24
  • Pip längd: 18″ (45,,7cm)
  • Pip Profil: S2W (Strengt-to-Weight)
  • Vikt: 3,6kg
  • Längd: 89,9cm till 99,1cm
  • Magasin: Magpul PMAG 20-Round (levereras med 5-Skott magasin)

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